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Postpartum Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Rolls

Postpartum Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Rolls


Postpartum exercises are one of the most important ways that mothers get rid of annoying belly rolls that form in the woman’s abdomen after giving birth.

In this article, we will talk about the most important postpartum exercises, how to do them, their benefits and other related tips.


Childbirth and exercises:

One of the most disturbing and stressed things for a pregnant woman is what can happen to her body after pregnancy and childbirth. All women experience some symptoms during pregnancy, including cracks, sagging, and weight gain.

Most women consider abdominal rolls to be one of the hardest things to get rid of after birth, whether it’s a natural or cesarean section. However, in normal condition, the body returns as it was with some simple exercise, and within two months the mother probably gets her body before pregnancy.

In the case of cesarean section, exercises of another type and longer time are required as a result of the long healing period of the C-section. After a Caesarean section, the mother is very upset about what she is. After birth, she feels that she is still pregnant because of the high percentage of hormones in the body that differ in the case of a natural and cesarean section.

The body returns 50% to normal two days after birth because the discharge reduces these hormones and pushes the largest part of the placenta and water out of the body. In the cesarean section, it is different because it is a large operation that needs time to heal and the mother cannot move during the first weeks.

With the cesarean section, Postpartum exercises are not recommended until two months after birth to maintain the health and safety of the mother. Women need special care after giving birth to regain their health and be able to take full care of their children. Mothers are interested in exercising to help them lose weight, get rid of fat and sagging in the abdomen.


Postpartum Exercises types:

There are several exercises that help tighten your abdominal muscles after childbirth. Of course, it is important to consult your doctor before exercising to ensure your health and safety.



Walking is one of the simplest exercises to do to get rid of belly fat and refit after birth. It is recommended that this be done gradually, the intensity of your exercise can be increased by the use of a children’s carry while walking. In addition, diversification of the walking path, such as a zigzag walk, is a means of increasing muscle preparedness.


Deep breathing exercise:

Deep abdominal breathing exercise, in conjunction with the contraction of the abdominal muscles, is an easy-to-apply exercise to strengthen the abdominal and stomach muscles. It is also safe, as it can be exercised within an hour after birth.

It takes no more than sitting right and starting a deep breathing process. The air is pulled up at the diaphragm as the abdominal muscles contract and hold on to this position as much as possible, then push the air and relax the muscles. Gradually, you can practice increasing the time the abdominal muscles are captured.

This exercise can also be done by lying on the side while bending your knees slightly, then breathing gently to achieve abdominal relaxation. The appetite is then applied so that the area below the abdomen is tightened to resemble a belt, in conjunction with the grip of the pelvic muscles.

Try to maintain this position until the count of number 10, then re-breathe naturally, and repeat the previous process by 10 times.


Upper abdominal muscle exercise:

  • Sit on a chair, but be a little backward, and don’t be at the right angle.
  • Put a pillow and put your hands on your chest.
  • Stand up and sit without holding anything.
  • Repeat this movement five times, and then rest, repeat this exercise three to five times.
    Note: Don’t bend your neck during your workout, so keep your eyes on a fixed point in the ceiling of your room.


Lower abdominal muscle exercise:

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees.
  • Lift both your feet off the ground, so that your knees are in the direction of your abdomen.
  • Do exercise five times, and relax afterward.
  • Repeat the exercise three to five times and take a break between each exercise and another.

Postpartum Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Rolls


Transverse abdominal muscle exercise:

These muscle-focused exercises can be exercised in the abdominal area, such as pelvic compression, leg lift, and scissor movement, as they tighten the stomach muscles, thereby reducing the size of the abdomen resulting from pregnancy. One exercise, no crunch, can be exercised through the following steps:

  • Lie down, and put both hands down the abdomen.
  • Lift the lower abdomen off the floor, making sure the pelvis stays constant during exercise.
  • Hold up for ten seconds, and then return to the starting position.


Aerobics exercise:

popular exercises practiced by most people, but it is also considered an important postpartum exercise. Examples of aerobics exercises that women can exercise after childbirth are: swimming, cycling, speedwalking and running, by starting gradually, such as daily exercises for a quarter of an hour, and gradually increasing the time.


Postpartum Exercises benefits:

  • Improving mental state, as exercise increases the rate of brain-releasing chemicals, which make an individual feel as healthy as endorphins.
  • Get rid of weight gain and regain the weight that the mother was like before childbirth.
  • Increased vitality and activity.
  • Improve body health and endurance, thereby increasing the mother’s ability to care for her child.







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