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How to make your flabby legs toned legs by exercises,natural Recipes and food?


Flabby legs. We will talk in this article about the reasons, different solutions to getting rid of it, and we will focus on exercises and foods as well as some new medical methods.


Why do I have flabby legs?


One of the most important reasons of sagging thigh skin   is the fatness legs, because the leg contains cells that store large amounts of the fat, and to get rid of these fats in the area of the legs, people begin a hard diet but they fall into the trap of sagging, and this is caused by neglect exercises that must be associated with diets.


But, what are the causes of leg fatness?

The problem of legs fatness is a common problem in many people, especially women, where women are characterized by the accumulation of most of the fat around the legs and hips as a result of the effect of progesterone and estrogen on the storage of fat in those areas, while testosterone affects the storage of most Fat in men in the central area of the body, this problem causes great discomfort in many women because the body is inconsistent.   Estrogen and progesterone in women play an important role in maintaining waist size, burning fat and weight loss as a result of their interaction with other hormones such as insulin, cortisol, and testosterone, which in women are responsible for storing belly fat, where estrogen works against the action of the hormone. Insulin, estrogen, and progesterone inhibit the action of cortisol, and cortisol and insulin if combined with testosterone and decreased estrogen level lead to fat accumulation in women. Estrogen helps store fat in what is known as alpha adrenaline receptors around the thighs and hips, which is the fat reservoir in women, while beta-adrenergic receptors increase fat burning, and women have large amounts of alpha adrenaline receptors. In the area of thighs and hips compared to men, this is the main reason for the difficulty of burning fat in those areas for some women.



Other reasons for flabby legs :

  • Aging that leads to wrinkles on the skin and body as a whole.
  • Environmental harmful factors such as exposure to hot sunlight without protection.
  • Genetic sequencing plays a role in sagging skin.
  • Significant and surprising weight loss.
  • Recurrent Pregnancy and childbirth experiences.


How can I firm up flabby legs, and get rid of Cellulite?

1_ by exercises :


A_  Crawling exercise:

How to make your flabby legs, toned legs by exercises,natural Recipes and food?

By taking the crawl position like a child, by standing on the palms and knees only, and start extending the left leg   back with lifting it up, repeating the process from ten to twenty times, then it is switched to the right leg and repeat the exercise.





B_ Standing exercise:


By relying on a fixed wall, stretching your hands straight and maintaining a distance between the feet up to 50 centimeters, then the body is lowered to reach the buttocks to the level of the knees, stability for several seconds and ascent again and the exercise is rehearsed from fifteen times to twenty times.

How to make your flabby legs, toned legs by exercises,natural Recipes and food?



C_ Bike exercise :

By sleeping on the back, placing your hands behind the head and lifting your feet up, starting to move them in the opposite way resembles a cycling position, and continuing this exercise for at least 5 minutes.

How to make your flabby legs, toned legs by exercises,natural Recipes and food?


2_ By Natural Recipes:

There are a number of natural substances containing antioxidants, which work to tighten the sagging of the skin and return it to its first position, as well as work to prevent the appearance of signs of aging and get rid of wrinkles and white lines and increase the freshness and beauty of the skin, which is not taken as food but used For external use.

These recipes:

A_  By mixing the right amount of yellow turmeric with olive oil, until it gains creamy texture, massage the thigh area round counterclockwise for at least five minutes, then roll the area with a plastic roller, and leave it for 2 hours before washing it with warm water.



B_    It is called the main oil mixture, by mixing an equal amount of olive oil, cinnamon oil, ginger oil, and fenugreek oil, and we paint the thigh area with a thorough massage, then wrap it with a plastic roller and leave it for three hours before washing it with warm water.


C_   By mixing an equal amount of white dill with olive oil and a spoonful of rose water, massage the area round well until we feel a slight heat in it, wrap it with a plastic roller and leave for at least two hours before washing it with cold water.



3_ By Special foods:

An integrated diet with all vitamins and nutrients should be made, and it should include a small amount of carbohydrates and sugars.


It is preferable to rely mainly on vegetables and fruits, especially since they contain natural substances and compounds that tighten the sagging of the whole body, especially leafy green vegetables such as spinach, watercress, and avocados because they contain high levels of antioxidants that help in the process of tightening and returning the skin. For its first position.


4_ By water :

Many doctors, nutritionists, and professional athletes are advised to drink enough water a day, to get a slender body that contains enough moisture, and also works to increase the health of the skin and restore it again.

The required amount of water for the body is at least 3 liters per day, preferably divided into eight cups and drink two cups before each meal to fill a large area of the stomach and stay away from overeating.


5_ By laser :

Thigh and sagging of flabby legs operation is a cosmetic operation designed to tighten the skin from the thigh and reduce its inner and outer sagging. The methods used to tighten the sagging skin in the area of the thighs have evolved to become without any surgery, through the use of lasers, where it is done by generating high radio waves with 3D technology, to get in the deep layers of the skin and pass the heat leading to tightening tissues Reduce skin relaxation by stimulating the construction of new layers of collagen, without any side effects.

Laser thigh tightening takes approximately 20 to 60 minutes, noting that the number of sessions is determined according to the patient’s sagging condition, because there are devices that show results after several sessions, and there are other devices showing results as soon as the session is finished.



Through the exercises and recipes mentioned here, you can get rid of a lot of problems affecting the skin, including sagging thighs, and follow all the tips regarding exercises, recipes, and food in order to get good results and thus get a slender and consistent body.
These methods mentioned are to keep you from surgical operations and chemical drugs that may harm the body.






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