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how to improve your focus and concentration by healthy food


Can you improve your concentration through food? How to? What are these foods? That’s what we’re discussing in this article.


Many suffer from lack of focus and fragmentation of thinking, because of the pressures of daily life, and these things expose them to a lot of embarrassments and problems, as well as cause them insomnia and anxiety, and perhaps the best treatment for the improvement of memory and focus, is eating some types of food, besides exercising some activities.

But before we get to know these foods, let’s get to know the general reasons for not focusing or losing control over the duties or actions you do:

Reasons for lack of concentration:

  1.  One of the reasons for the lack of concentration is the imbalance in the diet of some people, in addition to the irregularity in the main meals.
  2. Lack of iron for a person with a lack of concentration and forgetfulness.
  3. It may be due to hypoglycemia.
  4. There is a malfunction in hormones or disorders in the secretion of the glands, especially the presence of a decrease in the secretion of the thyroid gland, a and an epiretinal gland.
  5. There is a deficiency in folic acid.
  6. A deficiency in thiamine, which is “nerve vitamin”, because any deficiency even if it simply leads to a disturbance in brain activity.
  7. The cause may be a deficiency in vitamin B12
  8. Lack of concentration may be due to stress, anxiety, social or emotional causes, whether physical, personal or at work.
  9. It may be due to mental illness: such as sick anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disease, or depression.
  10. Or because of daydreaming controls on realistic thinking.
  11. Due to severe stress.
  12. Sometimes it’s because of the high temperature where it’s.
  13. Due to the change in lighting type.
  14. Lack of sleep causes lack of concentration.
  15. Being in a place with loud noises and loud noises in the dialogue.


What should I eat to increase my focus?

Since the causes are many and different, as well, there are many solutions and treatments, perhaps the most important of which is food because food and as is known the source of energy in the cell so all the cells of the body including brain cells are affected by the quality of food eaten by humans, and perhaps the most important of these foods that increase focus What we’re going to mention here.



The benefit of carrots to the brain is important according to a scientific study and empirical research results that carrots activate the brain because it encourages blood flow.         

People who want to maintain good brain activity should drink vegetable juice, especially carrots because carrot juice and according to the results of the latest studies activate the blood circulation and reduce the incidence of forgetfulness, the secret of this positive effect is the presence of Nitrates. Bacteria that settle or live in the oral mucosa convert Nitrates into Nitrite, which is responsible for the expansion of blood vessels and thus facilitates the flow of crimes, especially in areas lacking oxygen.

Many studies in the recent past have shown that drinking carrot juice improves blood flow in the brain, say researchers from Wake Forest University.

The research included 14 people between the ages of 70 and 80, with the sample surveyed divided into groups and each group drank carrot juice in certain quantities at breakfast. The results were that the group that was taking carrot juice, which now contains blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain, has increased it and the frontal lobe area contains the centers of cells responsible for forgetfulness, concentration and certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.



Lemon, rich in Vitamin C, is important in the process of increasing attention and absorption, as lemon contains high levels of Potassium and Magnesium that positively affect the brain and nerve health and reduce depression and stress. Lemon juice can also make the brain clearer and more focused, making it an excellent drink for students and stress-prone professionals to improve them concentrate.



Onions are one of the foods that increase memory and concentration because it helps the brain get more oxygen, which is good for people with severe stress, for quite a while.

A study conducted by Hokkaido Tokai University scientists has concluded that the Sulfur compound found in onions (di-n-propyl tri-sulfide) improves memory impairment. The group assumed that oxidative stress produced a basic oxidative product, called Hydroperoxide, which could lead to neurodegenerative diseases. The results showed that onion antioxidant extract, including sulfur compound, improves memory function in mice.



  • Research has shown that it enhances a large number of other cognitive functions besides memory, and has shown that healthy middle-aged adults taking dried ginger supplements have developed memory, how long they have to react and be aware of things.
  • Increased levels of important neurotransmitters in the brain: Ginger increases levels of these important chemicals in the brain, including dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is a stimulating molecule that helps focus and produce. Serotonin is a happiness molecule that maintains a positive mood. Protect the brain from the damage of free radicals and injury.
  • Ginger is rich in two sets of antioxidants, such as Gingerols and Shaogals, which protect the brain from free radical damage and damage and improve memory loss after a stroke.
  • Ginger helps the brain get the right amount of oxygen, and its elements help the brain to think deeply and access creative ideas.



Avocados contain a very high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E and improve blood flow to the brain area responsible for concentration, organization and rapid thinking. That’s why it’s definitely food for thought!

Eating half a fruit of avocado improves the memory of information or things because it contains fatty acids that are important in concentration and memory.



Its richness is characterized by vitamin C and manganese, the two important elements of long-term memory strengthening.



Honey can certainly not be excluded as one of the most important foods that improve human concentration due to the nutritional value of honey and its usefulness to the body in general and to the brain and improve its functioning in particular.  Honey is characterized by the containment of Monoglytic sugars (glucose and fructose) easy to digest and quick absorption to get energy as the containment of honey acetylcholine is very important to strengthen memory, as honey contains Phosphorus and therefore intellectuals and scientists take it, and for this purpose the best A daily dose per adult (100-200 grams) distributed in three batches.



Eggs are foods that stimulate memory, because it contains many important elements such as choline in the yolk, which helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and it contains a high percentage of vitamin B12, which helps reduce the percentage of the hormone Homocysteine in the blood, in addition to providing the body with energy, increases the brain’s ability to concentrate, pay attention, and is recommended to eat eggs for breakfast twice a week.


Here are some important tips and habits that keep you focused and improve your memory and concentration:

  • Avoid severe psychological stress and nervous tension.
  • Stay away from the negative people who charge the person with negative energy, influence the focus and distract the mind with their pessimistic black ideas, so you should get as close to positive people as possible.
  • The exercise that renews the body’s energy, relieves it of negative energy and increases the ability to concentrate such as walking and swimming. Stay away from objects and situations that distract focus like annoying loud sounds, and large gatherings.
  • Not to occupy the mind with many topics at the same time, and to focus on one topic at a time.
  • Break the boring daily routine, and change it to rejuvenate mental and physical activity, increasing the ability to concentrate.
  • Setting a goal in life and focusing on it, thereby increasing a person’s ability to concentrate and stimulate the mind to work.
  • Mental exercise and exercises such as deep breathing exercises, yoga meditation, puzzles, crossword puzzles, and electronic games, as well as reading in different fields, because it stimulates the mind to understand and increases the ability to concentrate.








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