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Incredible Hawthorn Benefits You Did not Know About

Incredible Hawthorn Benefits You Did not Know About



Today we are looking at a berry. We will take a look at the Hawthorn Benefits. We will explore the hawthorn berry uses and a lot of interesting information about this great fruit. You are sure to find an application of it that improves your life a bit.

Nature is wise and generous, and It is amazing that we keep finding that many of the things that make our bodies and minds work better are found in their most effective form in naturally occurring compounds.

We keep discovering new properties for well-known plants and new plants that take care of things that we had no idea about. It is usually better to go to the source and consume the good stuff right from the plant whenever possible.

Pills can be great, they do their job well. But it is often the case that consuming a natural product will have added benefits and a lot less negative interactions with your organism. Doctors around the world are starting to see this more and more. They are becoming convinced that western medicine would get stronger and more effective if it starts to adopt this kind of treatment more. We could prevent and cure a lot more maladies than we do today. It would be safer and cheaper this way.


What Are Hawthorn Berries?

There are many hawthorn health benefits, but we should talk a bit about what they are first. Hawthorn berries are small berries that are found all around Asia, Europe and all of North America. This is a very common shrub that produces these small, red berries. They have a very particular taste that may not be very enticing at first. The Hawthorn benefits are so great, though, that it is widely consumed for them. We are going to dive deep into the uses of this excellent berry. Since it is so widely available you should not have trouble finding a shrub or a store that sells them.

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How Do You Consume Them?

You have quite a few options when it comes to consuming this berry. All of them will still confer the same Hawthorn Benefits, so that will not be a problem. Let us take a look at all the ways in which you can enjoy this berry.


  1. Fruit

This would be the easiest way to get some Hawthorn Benefits in your system. If you have a shrub near you, you can safely pick these berries up and consume them. It may not be the most enjoyable way to do it, but it certainly works. There is some evidence that hawthorn berry benefits weight loss.

That is great news for all of us out there trying to watch our weight or looking to lose a few of those extra pounds. You can just add them to your regular meals, or even use them as a snack. Their caloric contribution is negligible, but they will aid in weight loss and they will also give you the added  Hawthorn Benefits that we will discuss below.


  1. Tea

This is a very common way to get some of the excellent Hawthorn Benefits. Incredible Hawthorn Benefits You Did not Know About

You can make a tea out of these berries in a very simple way. There are some real hawthorn tea benefits to be gained from doing this. The great thing about making a tea out of it is that you can drink it at any time. It is very convenient and calorie-free. You will still get everything about hawthorn that is great. None of the good stuff is lost.


  1. Juice

Another popular choice. Making juice out of anything is much easier than it used to be thanks to current technology. It may have been a bit of a pain to extract juice out of such small berries in the past. That is no longer the case with great kitchen appliances that are available today. If you are inclined to drink juices you can add hawthorn to them, or you can do a straight hawthorn juice, even.

hawthorn juice


  1. Syrup

The syrup is not hard to make, but it does take some effort. If you are used to working on your kitchen and enjoy some hands-on with your meal preparation making a hawthorn syrup is a great choice for you. You will get everything we are discussing in terms of benefits and a good compliment to your meals. You can find ways to quickly make great syrup online. You should try it!


  1. Oil

Making your own oil is a more involved process. You can still get Hawthorn Oil quite easily. It is commercially available in many stores around the world. It can get a bit expensive since it is not a very common kind of oil. You lose none of the health benefits when using it in this form, though.

Incredible Hawthorn Benefits You Did not Know About


  1. Extract

There are quite a few hawthorn extract benefits. It is a very practical way to get it into your system. A few drops every day will give you all the healthy stuff you are looking to get from the berries, without the hustle of having to eat the fruit or make any other kind of product out of it.


What Are The Traditional Uses For Hawthorn?

Hawthorn has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Its traditional uses include digestive problems, heart failure, and high blood pressure. Those are the three more common ways in which this great berry has been put to use. We have found recently that there are added benefits to these three. We are going to cover them in a bit more detail below. These are all great news for a plant that has been great for so long.


What Are The Side Effects Of Hawthorn? 

There are very few known hawthorn side effects. Some people report mild nausea and dizziness. These are not very common to be found, though. Chances are that you will not experience any of them. If you do experience anything out of the ordinary you should consult your doctor. You should be pretty safe using hawthorn, though.


Is Hawthorn Good For Kidneys?

This is one of the most recent findings related to hawthorn. It is a great diuretic. That means that it helps our bodies get rid of fluid. That process takes place mostly through our kidneys. That means that Hawthorn can be used to help treat kidney conditions. It is still being looked at with great interest by the scientific community.


Can Hawthorn Raise Blood Pressure?

We touched a bit on this question above. Hawthorn will not raise blood pressure. Quite the contrary, actually. It is used widely to help with heart problems and to manage high blood pressure. It is very effective in this and it has been shown to work very well for recovering patients. It is often prescribed as a complement to diet and exercise in patients with this kind of condition.


Is Hawthorn Berry Good For Erectile Dysfunction?

There is no great consensus about this issue within the medical community at this time. We are aware of the effects that hawthorn has on the heart and blood pressure to some extent. These are being still investigated at the moment. Erectile dysfunction is also being investigated. This is one of the uses that Chinese traditional medicine gives to Hawthorn. The evidence has been slow to show up for this claim, though.

It seems counter-intuitive that a medication that lowers blood pressure and helps relax heart muscles would improve erectile function since increased blood flow is the main resource that we have to affect it. Nonetheless, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that stacks up in favour of hawthorn.

We cannot point to specific research about it, but as we have seen there are no real side effects to this plant. In this case, it is true that it cannot hurt to try. You may find that it works wonders, perhaps you won’t feel a difference. If you have some Hawthorn available be sure to give it a try and see if it works for you.



Hawthorn is a medical marvel. It has so many benefits that it is hard to believe that such a small berry could pack such a great and impactful set of great things for our bodies. Since it has virtually no side effects there are no downsides to giving it a try. You could add it to your diet just for the preventive benefits alone. If you are suffering from one of the conditions that it is known to be effective for even better.

You will notice a great improvement if you take it regularly. As we have seen you can consume it in a way that feels better and more convenient for you. That is due to the fact that none of these forms will take away from the medicinal effects of hawthorn. We hope that you can start getting the excellent gifts of this plant right away.







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